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If you are here, you are either a resident or a prospective resident at a property served by our company. If a resident, you might be looking for our help desk to assist with immediate system enrollment or access issues. Please call (877) 947-3457. Our team should have you online in mere minutes if not seconds. If a perspective resident, we invite you to read on and learn why the internet is light years ahead of traditional apartment (MDU) data systems. Happy surfing.

Important Information

Useful Information For Residents

What We Eat, Sleep, and Inhale

Bandwidth. Plain and simple.

We install fiber optic networks at garden style apartments (and the occasional mid/high rise building) bringing fiber from the street to each building’s demarcation point reducing latency while increasing bandwidth speeds.

Why fiber? Well, coaxial and copper networks have significant limitations and prove cumbersome and costly to upgrade, add property enhancing services, and increase bandwidth speeds. Fiber, unlike other mediums, offers unparalleled reliability, consistency, and expandability. We focus on speed, a managed property network, and system throughput. Are these important to residents today? If you do anything on the internet you already know the answer is yes!

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.

Thinking Outside the Square

Our residents say “thank you”. We say “no problem”.

MDU Netech (for short) did not want to just think outside the box, we wanted to think outside the square. We built an outside the square solution for apartment owners and residents. That is why we put MDU in our name!

We design each network specific to the property. We give the property access to the network for additional services – services that enhance your quality of life. In-unit utility automation? Cameras? On-net access control? In-unit security systems? Where do you want us to stop? Everything we do is designed around making a resident’s life as carefree as possible. You have enough to worry about; broadband that meets your lifestyle should not be one of them!

By leveraging technology, your residence has unparalleled access to upgrade services as consumer behavior evolves and the property budgets allow. We are way outside the square and we like it.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do

Our Footprint

Big Foot has one, so do we. We cover the United States.

Property owners pull us into new markets all the time as they diversify their holdings and better serve their residents. With our go anywhere mentality our owners reduce the headaches associated with managing multiple service providers in various regions while bringing the very best to their residents. Owners realize our model prepares the property for future service and gives residents access to tomorrow’s bandwidth speeds today – a significant value for all involved.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.

For Giggles

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.

We like having a good time. We think you do too. We like light shows and fast cars. We love our families. We like satisfied residents who have a great data and video experience through our networks. We like hearing about our owners who helped a resident via a camera system on our network. Reduced utility expenses from our network enabled unit automation rocks! All these things make us giggle, perhaps even giddy.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.


MDU Netech has been playing in the MDU sandbox since 2004.

We were originally a wireless company installing access points and mesh networks at apartments. Wireless internet access is not an enterprise-grade solution for the MDU market and should be confined to an individual user in their home. Users demand always on connectivity and little to no buffering – problems for wireless networks. In addition, wireless networks are not suitable for increasing bandwidth demands such as 4k Video and other high demand services.

Making the jump to fiber came with a BIG light bulb moment for our staff. We did not provide internet access for our residents; we provided a network to help them better manage their lifestyles. With significantly faster speeds at their residence and a lighting fast network behind it users can download, upload, post and access their expanding IP universe in ways not available through traditional copper connectivity.

With that we settled on fiber. Why? Well, for the same reasons all the major communication companies around the United States use fiber for their networks. For the same reasons almost every cell company has stopped offering unlimited data plans on their phones. Plain and simple, fiber is the most economical, consistent, longest lasting solution that can continue to grow with bandwidth consumption needs – needs that are often greater at apartment homes than at single family homes.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.

Let's Dance

You can lead, we will follow. Or, we can lead and you can follow. We are great dance partners either way.
Give us a ring, shoot us an email. Let’s get going. It is time you have the full fiber optic experience. Would you rather partner with a company that uses a one-size fits all model or would you rather partner with a company that specializes in developing solutions specific to you; the individual seeking the lifestyle only offered through an apartment residence? Thought so. Give us a call and let’s dance.

Welcome to our company. MDU is what we do.
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